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Comet Freworks Ltd

6 Eastlands, Marchamley
SY4 5JZ Shrewsbury
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Contact Person: Mark O'Neill
Landline Tel: 01630685961
Mobile: 07971819899
It has been the perfect wedding day. The ceremony went like a dream, and the reception was a huge hit with family and friends alike.

Then, as night falls, there’s one more surprise for your guests – and it’s a stunning one.

A wedding fireworks display.

Wedding fireworks with a difference

We are specialists in firework displays for weddings, and we will travel to almost any location in the UK. We can colour co-ordinate the display with the ceremony and wedding reception, and the bride and groom can launch the fireworks with our push button start.

You can choose or adapt one of our four popular displays or you can work with us to create a fireworks display that’s tailored completely to the happy occasion. Just give us a call and we’ll help you create the display to look back on with pride.

Special Offer: Free Love Heart Shell or Lancework upgrade on every display booked before 31/12/2012
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